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Record Remotely

Remotely record HD video from anywhere in the world by controlling the camera on a collaborator’s device.

Record Remotely

How OpenReel's Remote Record Tool Works

Use OpenReel Capture’s remote recording technology to pair into a collaborator’s Android, iOS, Webcam, or DSLR device.

Record video at the highest possible resolution — up to 4K — and adjust the camera’s controls, including focus, white balance, frame rate, and more.

Remotely recorded video is uploaded in realtime from the recording device to your designated video project, immediately available to be edited and polished into a final video.
They have thought of everything - HQ local recording, on-the-fly uploading (wizard stuff!), the ability to control the camera's focus & exposure, teleprompters on phones or computers, countdown timers, and the ability to have multiple people run the controls at once.”
Chris M., a Senior Video Producer with Enterprise Business, G2
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The Features You Need to Record Videos Remotely

The best remote video recording software records high-resolution video locally on your webcam, tablet, phone, or even a browser-enabled DSLR or mirrorless camera. Your ability to film high-quality video is crucial, so you want software that allows those devices to record in 4K or 1080p. For even better video quality, we recommend software that allows you to remotely operate camera controls, like focus, exposure, and frames-per-second, on the recording device. Collaboration tools, including in-platform chat, are beneficial for teams, especially those used to studio shoots. Finally, you should consider post-production tools. Easy video editing and a hosting platform are crucial to ensure you can create a polished final video that can be quickly accessed and shared.


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