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Pharma & Medical Sales Videos

OpenReel empowers pharmaceutical & medical device companies to create standout healthcare provider and consumer engagement programs through powerful video. With superior brand control and enterprise workflows, OpenReel’s video creation platforms also ensure creators meet industry regulations.

Pharma & Medical Sales Videos

How Can Pharma & Medical Sales
Use Video?

Educate Healthcare Providers

Pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers can use video to better educate healthcare providers about new products, ensuring doctors have the best information for their patients.

Inspire Consumers

With a primary goal of improving patient health, manufacturers can utilize testimonials, case studies, and ads to actively show consumers the better health and quality of life that can be available.

Smartly Meet Regulatory Requirements

With strong brand control and administrative workflows, video is a safe, yet powerful way to meet the stringent regulations of the industry, while still sharing valuable information in an easy-to-consume format.

Make Medicine Personal

Video allows companies to personalize a complicated industry, breaking down barriers between consumers and the product.

Explain Products’ Efficacy

By providing educational videos about new products, medical brands ensure consumers and healthcare providers receive honest, straightforward single-source information.

Deliver Disease-Specific Information

Pharma is on the frontlines of new disease research and breakthroughs, and video enables clear, concise sharing of this crucial information.

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