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With OpenReel’s free online teleprompter, there’s no need to memorize lines or use a different device or service to display your script. Just record video while the teleprompter rolls. 

How OpenReel's Online Teleprompter Works

Paste in a pre-written script or write what you plan to say directly into the teleprompter.

Adjust font size, scrolling speed, and teleprompter placement based on your or your recording subject’s needs.

If you’re sending a guest recording link or managing multiple recording sessions within one project, don’t worry: the process works the same.
"Easy to use, amazing customer support, lovely UX and straightforward steps."
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The Features You Need in an Online Teleprompter

For users who wish to have cue cards and scripts all in one convenient application, a teleprompter functionality is quite helpful. You need to be able to quickly save a script within the teleprompter for both remote recording and UGC videos. This ensures your subject and, if applicable, crew and director are all on the same page. A teleprompter should also offer real-time controls, including scrolling rate, font size, and script edits.


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