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From non-profit to enterprise, we customize OpenReel Capture pricing to find the right fit based on factors such as user seats, global access, and videos created each year.
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Dedicated customer support
Engaging onboarding program
High-touch customer service High-touch customer service
Actionable platform insights
OpenReel Plan Features

Dedicated customer support

Access our knowledgeable team of Support Experts via online chat, email, in-person meeting, and telephone. We’ve got you covered when and where you need it — from your first shoot to your hundredth and beyond.
OpenReel Plan Features

Engaging onboarding program

Experience personalized training with our nimble team of Onboarding Specialists, as well as on-set coaching during your first Remote Video Capture™ shoot to ensure your production team feels confident on both sides of the camera.
OpenReel Plan Features

High-touch customer success

Receive ongoing training with our seasoned Account Management Team. Discuss upcoming content initiatives, uncover new use cases, stay abreast of the latest platform updates, and achieve your organization’s goals.
OpenReel Plan Features

Robust knowledge base

Get the answers you need — in the method you prefer — through our Help Center, user documentation, product release resources, and real-time customer support ticketing system.
OpenReel Plan Features

Actionable platform insights

Deepen your knowledge through customer-only webinars, user-focused content offers, and the development resources you need to maximize the value of remote video capabilities across the organization.
OpenReel™ is transforming the remote tech stack, helping businesses of all sizes leverage video as a tool for inspiring content and quality connection — all while mitigating the prohibitively resource-intensive processes that typically accompany on-location video shoots. Learn how customers like ViacomCBS, Compass, The Dodo, and more use OpenReel’s end-to-end Remote Video Creation™ solutions to reduce video project costs by up to 90% without sacrificing high production value, quality footage, or cross-functional collaboration. Seeing is believing — schedule a demo and play the video to learn more.

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We offer customized plans to suit your needs
  • Planning your next large-scale virtual event?
  • Shooting several watch parties around an air date?
  • Launching an internal or external video content series?
  • Interviewing subject matter experts for a time-sensitive project?
  • Capturing multiple unboxing moments for an upcoming product launch?
  • Filming distributed talent for on-set behind-the-scenes, correspondence, and EPK purposes?
Frequently Asked Questions
How many people can participate in an OpenReel Session?

A maximum of nine (9) individuals, on different devices and in different roles, can join each OpenReel Session. Every Session must have one (1) Director, and the Director has some flexibility to choose how they fill those eight (8) additional seats. Up to four (4) Collaborators can help with the shoot. Up to eight (8) individuals can join on the Subject side; in this situation no Collaborators could join since the nine (9) seats would be filled.

How many participants can we record in one Session?

You can record up to eight (8) Subject feeds (mobile or web) or seven (7) Subject feeds and one (1) Director or Collaborator feed simultaneously. Additionally, you can record a screen and the same Subject’s webcam at the same time. This will only use one of the 8 available video feeds, but the two feeds will record as separate files.

On what operating systems is OpenReel compatible with?

Currently, the OpenReel platform can be used on computers running Mac OS X 10.14 and above, and Windows 10, as well as iOS mobile devices and Android 8.1 or higher devices.

What does ‘recorded locally on a device’ mean?

When a video is recorded locally, that means the recording takes place on the device itself (computer or iOS device) instead of capturing streaming footage over the internet in the cloud or on the Director’s computer. Capturing locally ensures that the recordings are reliably recorded in the highest possible resolution, instead of capturing streaming footage through traditional video conferencing software or screen recording tools.

Once the recording wraps, does the Talent/Subject need to share the recording with the Director?

No, the Director can automatically upload the local recordings during or after the Session in real time to their secure cloud storage within OpenReel for immediate use, as well as to prevent the files from taking up space on the Subject’s device.

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From startups to Fortune 500s, explore how global enterprises use OpenReel’s Remote Video Capture™ technology to quickly, affordably, sustainably, and efficiently create video content at scale. See how OpenReel™ helped 20/20 Magazine drive its first digital revenue and build successful social and newsletter campaigns around its inaugural video series.
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