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OpenReel 2.20 Release Notes

OpenReel 2.20 Update Product Release Notes

OpenReel 2.20 provides the ability resize, move, and reposition your videos within each template.
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OpenReel Release Notes 2.19

OpenReel 2.19's new features include the ability to add CTAs, caption styling, and the ability to download transcription files as .SRT or .txt.
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OpenReel Release Notes 2.17

OpenReel 2.17 features a new dashboard making it easier and faster to start recording videos.
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OpenReel Product Updates, October 2022

From automated webinar triggers to virtual webinar backgrounds, OpenReel’s Dev team delivered only treats this spooky season: no tricks in sight.
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June Product Update Image

Your Monthly Product Update Notes, June 2022

Read June’s product update news, or view our Quarterly Product Update webinar, in which our Product Marketing Manager covers the top news.
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may product updates

Your Monthly Product Update Notes, May 2022

May’s theme on the OpenReel Development team is all about empowerment. It’s your team and your footage — so you should be able to control both to fit your needs. These are the highlights from our powerful updates in the last month.
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Your Monthly Product Update Notes, April 2022

In April, OpenReel introduced OpenReel Events, a new solution to bring powerful, easy-to-create video to your brand.
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March 2022 Product Updates

Your Monthly Product Update Notes, March 2022

Once film subjects have downloaded the Android or iOS Capture update, directors can utilize improved Professional Audio, control multi-camera sessions separately, and more.
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OpenReel Capture February Product Updates 2022

Your Monthly Product Update Notes, February 2022

In our latest Capture update, Directors have more options to film that will enable them to capture 4K webcam footage, select lenses on a device, monitor upload progress, set the Subject’s orientation and more.
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