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Quick Start Guide

Now, let's make a video in five simple steps.

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Step 1: Choose a Template

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The simplest way to get started is to pick a template. Focus on the look and feel you want for your video — you can always change the layout later.

Step 2: Record Your Video

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With OpenReel, you can record your webcam feed, your screen, both, or a guest through a recording link. You can also upload previously recorded footage.


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Level up your recording skills with these videos…
Use the Teleprompter
Record Yourself
Record Your Screen
Use Previously Recorded Footage​
Request Video from Anyone
Record Someone Else
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Step 3: Clean Up Your Footage

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Once your file is uploaded, trim out dead air or split and stitch recordings together. Once your file is uploaded, play back the video to review the content and trim the clip.

Learn more about the three ways to edit your recordings…
Trim Footage​
Stitch Together Videos
Split Clips

Step 4: Brand & Customize Your Video

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You’re now ready to add elements that help your video represent your organization or personal brand.

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Discover more ways to customize your videos…
Add Intro & Outro Animations
Add a Text Overlay
Add a Watermark
Add Video Overlay
Add Captions & Edit Transcriptions
Keep Up-to-Date
how to Password protect Videos
Password Protect Your Videos
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Step 5: Review & Build Your Video

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After you’ve reviewed and customized, it’s time to build your video and add it to your library.

Manage & share your videos like a pro…
Make a Hub
Share Your Videos
Download Videos

Additional Resources

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  1. When you login to OpenReel, you can open the in-app Resource Center to find on-demand tutorials, links to webinars and blogs, and a fast way to search our robust help center and base.

  2. Our How to Hub for Creator contains tons of videos showing you all of the right buttons to push and easy ways to accomplish your video goals.

  3. Filming someone with our premium Remote Recorder? Read the 5 Basic Steps to a Successful Remote Shoot.
  4. The OpenReel Community forum should be your first stop when you have questions or need help figuring out how to do something. Learn from a growing community of fellow OpenReel users and video professionals, and gain insights from OpenReel’s own Customer Success and Tech Support specialists!

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