Pre-production set-up with Ring light

6 Crucial Things to Do Before Your First Remote Video Shoot

The success of your first remote video shoot depends on excellent planning. In this guide, our video experts outline what you need to know and the equipment, like lighting and mics, to discuss with your Subject during pre-production.
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Testimonial Video with Clients

5 Simple Tips for Creating Impactful Video Testimonials

You can successfully prepare for and shoot a a video testimonial with your clients by following these five simple steps.
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Lav Mic for iPhone Video

Upgrade Your Audio with Easy-to-Use Mics

These are OpenReelers’ favorite external mics, tested, loved, and constantly recommended by our team of video experts.
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Bitrate overview

What Is Video Bitrate & Why Does It Matter for Quality Video Recordings?

OpenReel's experts explain what video bitrate is, how it affects video quality, and why you should care about this crucial video spec.
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Marketing Exec Working from Home

5 Major Problems Marketers Face When Using Video — And How Remote Video Solves for Each

Marketing teams use remote video platforms like OpenReel to conquer today’s audience demands for more video and overcome the limitations of traditional production.
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Marketing Exec Using Video

Marketing Teams Should Start Using Video for These Use Cases

OpenReel reduces the high-costs & man-hours of creating video. With OpenReel, marketing teams can adapt video for more day-to-day use cases.
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Best lighting for remote video shoot

Best Lighting for Your OpenReel Remote Video Production

Our team of Remote Video Creation experts has vetted simple light options your Subject can easily set-up on-location for their remote video production. These are our favorite for quality, ease of set-up, and affordability.
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How ISO 27001:2013 Certification helps keep your video production secure

SECURITY How an ISO 27001:2013 certification keeps your video production & content secure Learn why OpenReel’s patented enterprise-grade…
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Deciding how to allocate scarce resources from one video project to the next

ROI Series 05: OpenReel reduces financial and logistical concerns by virtually enabling distributed and hybrid teams worldwide to more efficiently and sustainably create professional-quality video at scale.
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Understand how easily OpenReel’s technology can be integrated to your team’s workflows

ROI Series 04: OpenReel’s purpose-built technology features project management tools and collaboration tools, as well as a teleprompter, to ensure the platform seamlessly integrates into existing workflows.
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OpenReel Directors Feed Desktop

How businesses are utilizing OpenReel to streamline video across their organization

ROI Series 03: By simplifying video production without losing the professional quality, OpenReel broadens the realm of who can execute video projects within a company, while also expanding what projects can even be a video.
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Explore the brand benefits of easy-to-create, professional videos

ROI Series 02: Your distributed workforce can participate in the shoot on a virtual set ensuring the cross-functional collaboration associated with in-person shoots remains intact with the added benefit of not having to purchase any additional equipment.
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