Easy Festive Holiday Video Ideas to Connect with Customers & Employees

'Tis the season to engage your employees, investors, and customers. With OpenReel Capture you can easily film a holiday video that’s low-lift, that will engage and delight your customers and employees, and is fun to create!
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record professional video instead of meetings

Too Many Meetings? Here’s Where You Can Substitute Video.

Asynchronous video is a powerful solution to overloaded calendars, eliminating pointless meetings without removing the human touch that meetings can deliver. Figuring out which meetings could become videos, though? That’s a struggle, but these five meeting types can get you started.
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Your Monthly Product Update Notes, October 2021

October was an exciting month for Capture with the introduction of three major updates impacting the Director's experience and controls within the Session.
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DSLR camera on tripod for video production

How and Why to Use a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera for Your Video Production

OpenReel was designed for enterprise shoots, which means Capture works with enterprise-quality cameras. That’s right: with the right equipment, DSLR and mirrorless cameras can be used for your next video production.
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September 2021 Product Updates Thumbnail

Your Monthly Product Update Notes, September 2021

Since Capture 2.0's release in July, we’ve been working hard to continue improvements on our technology and ensure a seamless experience for both Directors and Subjects. These are the biggest product updates from September and earlier.
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how to shoot and film b-roll

How to Capture B-roll with OpenReel and What Types of B-roll You Need

We’re often asked about b-roll, and we understand the hesitancy: even seasoned producers can be stumped in planning b-roll to ensure a good movie becomes something truly great.
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How to Fix Slow Internet

How to Deal with a Slow Internet Connection During an OpenReel Shoot

While slow internet will never impact the quality of the footage you record during a shoot, it can effect your ability to utilize OpenReel's in-platform professional tools. Learn how to troubleshoot a subpar connection before and during your shoot for the best possible experience.
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How to Create an Engaging On-Demand Webinar with OpenReel

Create engaging on-demand webinars with pre-recorded video and custom chat playbooks that simulate live Q&A.
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OpenReel Debuts at No. 540 on 2021 Inc. 5000 list

OpenReel landed in the top 11% of companies thanks to 877% revenue growth since 2017, plus 31% team growth over the last year.
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What Is the Best Method to Film on OpenReel for Your Use Case? We've Got the Answers.

OpenReel empowers creatives to film remotely on iOS or Webcam. But which is the right method for your recording Session? We've broken down the major factors that will impact your choice.
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Everything You Need to Know About Professional Audio

Among its many new and updated features, OpenReel Capture 2.0 delivers an optional Professional Audio setting. We’ve put together a short FAQ to further introduce you to this technology.
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OpenReel Remote Video Capture

See OpenReel Capture 2.0's Updated Features

In addition to a more robust user interface, Remote Capture 2.0 adds a new suite of tools that enhance the recording experience on both sides of the camera, as well as audio, connectivity, and project management upgrades.
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