Your Monthly Product Update Notes, April 2022

In April, OpenReel introduced OpenReel Events, a new solution to bring powerful, easy-to-create video to your brand.
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benefits of virtual events

10 Reasons to Host Virtual Events and Webinars in 2022

OpenReel Events, our platform for live events and webinars, ensures a more streamlined, collaborative, and affordable workflow for events than ever before — in-person or virtual. Read on for ten reasons to embrace the revolution and start hosting virtual events and webinars in 2022.
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Event and Webinar Engagement

10 Tips to Improve Engagement at Virtual Events & Webinars

The key element of a successful virtual event is engagement. As with physical events, virtual event organizers must battle audience distraction that can’t always be controlled. However, virtual events run the additional risk of being dull due to passive content consumption. This article offers ten tips to help solve the problem of one-way communication and disengagement.
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Get to Know OpenReel Events, Live Webinar Solution

See OpenReel Events' Industry-Leading Features

With a more streamlined, collaborative, and affordable workflow thanks to our live event technology’s impressive features, OpenReel customers can enjoy an even higher ROI while confidently scaling their event programs.
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4K, HD Resolution and Video Quality

What's the Deal with Video Quality Anyway? Understanding 4K, HD & 1080p Resolutions

Confused by video resolution? We want to help you decipher the most common video resolution types and how they impact your video quality.
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Prepare Recording space for good audio

Quiet on the Set: Make Sure Your Video Has Great Audio

Quality audio recording is a vital part of your production that should not be overlooked. Here’s how to prep your recording space to capture great audio
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benefits of video marketing for business growth

8 Benefits of Video Marketing for Revenue Growth in 2022

In the last decade, video has grown into the frontrunner for impactful marketing content. All successful brands, regardless of industry, can benefit from video marketing and show significant business growth. Don’t get left behind: learn and adopt the powerful benefits of a video strategy today.
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March 2022 Product Updates

Your Monthly Product Update Notes, March 2022

Once film subjects have downloaded the Android or iOS Capture update, directors can utilize improved Professional Audio, control multi-camera sessions separately, and more.
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OpenReel Capture February Product Updates 2022

Your Monthly Product Update Notes, February 2022

In our latest Capture update, Directors have more options to film that will enable them to capture 4K webcam footage, select lenses on a device, monitor upload progress, set the Subject’s orientation and more.
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woman viewing vertical video mobile

Everything You Need to Know About Vertical Video

Want to know more about vertical video, a shooting capability now available in Capture? Then read on for the history behind the popular social video format, how to use it, and why it matters.
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Capture Is Now Available on Android

Capture for Android includes all of the powerful filming capabilities of the iOS app. For Capture Directors, this means there’s no learning curve — just an expansion of who can be a filming Subject for your next shoot.
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Android app

Your Monthly Product Update Notes, January 2022

Capture's January 2022 update is aimed at expanding our clients' use cases with Android and vertical video, adding even more simplification to the mobile recording process.
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