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Sales Videos

With OpenReel’s technology, Sales professionals easily create video to connect better with prospects and personalize each selling point of their product or service.

Sales Videos
Morning Brew
Morning Brew

How Can Your Sales Team Use Video?

Connect with Prospects

Introduce yourself and your intent with a video to start the Sales process by forming a personal connection. 

Attract New Leads

Engaging webinars, snappy video ads, educational brand videos, and an enticing video library all help generate inbound interest into your product.

Qualify New Leads

Film, edit, and share short personalized videos that highlight ways your product benefits what you learn during the discovery process, including the prospect’s needs and their goals.

Sell Your Product

Nail your product demo with video presentations, which you can easily, quickly edit to 100% customize for the prospect.

Overcome Objections

Whether a potential client brings up budgets, competitors, or their niche challenges, you can provide a powerful leave behind to address their objections.

Close the Deal

If your prospect needs more time, deliver a pre-recorded video that addresses what you’ve learned and can be shared with decision makers across the company.

“You have the recipe for a successful video shoot each and every time.”
Visionary Officer on G2

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