Modern L&D Requires Engaging Video

Learning & Development Videos

With OpenReel’s video technology, L&D specialists can increase learning opportunities, while strengthening communication and education.

Learning & Development Videos
Morning Brew
Morning Brew

How Can Your L&D Team Use Video?

Hands-on Training
Video training — during onboarding, career development, and more — delivers strong, clear step-by-step training, which directly impacts the quality of employees’ work and morale.

LMS Lessons
By using engaging videos to populate your company’s Learning Management System (LMS), L&D professionals ensure learning materials fit employees’ mobile lifestyles and encourage more learning opportunities.

Personal Growth Opportunities
Conveniently create timely announcements by turning the Subject’s device into a powerful camera and teleprompter anytime, anywhere.

L&D is one of the key factors individuals look for in their job searches, so showcase what you do externally by sharing video of events, trainings, and more on your career page and social media.

Virtual Mentorship
Leadership can connect with members throughout an organization through small group virtual meetings, 1:1 connections, and even through pre-recorded stories that share valuable lessons they’ve learned in their own career journeys.

On-Demand Company Processes
A clear video, available on-demand and showcasing necessary steps in action is the best way to support the whole organization though basic operations, such as submitting a referral or accessing pay stubs.
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