Record HD Video Anywhere.

Phone, Tablet, Webcam. Control Right From Your Computer.

Patented tech lets you capture and direct video remotely.
Replace user generated or low quality streaming audio & video with HD footage.

What will you shoot today?

Check Out How OpenReelTM Technology Works

How Remote Video CaptureTM Technology Works

The Camera

The Camera is your subject’s phone, tablet or webcam.
Record up to 4K video right
through their device.

Remote Director Controls

Control the entire shoot right from your computer.
Start, stop, resolution, focus and more. Control the teleprompter
on your subjects screen & Grab 4K video files directly from the device.

Collaborate With Your Team

Invite team members to join and watch the
video shoot in real time. Never capture the wrong footage again.

How Are Companies Using OpenReelTM Technology

Internal Communications Video

Create engaging company updates from your company’s leadership.
Quarterly updates, town halls, workshops & more.

Influencer Video Content

Stay top of mind for your client base with ongoing influencer content. Drive the initiative by easily creating consistent videos from your top clients and proponents.

Client Video Testimonials

There’s no stronger validation than your current customers. Show potential clients what it’s like to work with your team through personalized stories from your existing base.

HD Video For A Fraction Of The Cost


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