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Morning Brew
Morning Brew

Video Creation and Management Made Easy

Choose a template, record, and watch your video be built in real time.

Choose a Branded Template

Use eye-catching, branded templates, pre-approved for use across your company and designed to ensure each video is polished. Customize with intros, outros, lower-thirds, all branded with your company’s logo, fonts, and colors.

Record with Ease

Record yourself, your screen, or both. Upload a script, and roll the teleprompter. The result? Easy-to-record, on-message presentations, product demos, internal comms memos, and more.

Customize in Seconds

Watch the magic happen in real time as your videos, customized intros and outros, and pre-selected template are stitched into a beautiful, professional final product.

Host, Manage, and Share

Share individual videos with ease. Organize your videos in branded collections for easy, streamlined sharing with external groups or other teams within your organization.

Stunning Templates that Fit Your Needs

Choose a template, record, and watch your video be built in real time.

OpenReel for Business

OpenReel for Business

Custom templates
Unlimited brand kits
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Brand locks
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