Enterprise Brand Management

Video Collaboration

Collaboration tools are built into each step of the video process, ensuring teams can work together easily.

Enterprise Brand Management

Powerful Brand Management

Easily control your brand’s visual identity across your organization’s videos.

Morning Brew
Morning Brew

Enterprise Collaboration Tools, Built for Teams

Work together or create solo. OpenReel empowers teams to do both. 

Automate Video Approvals

Admins collaborate with video creators through time-stamped comments, which can be reviewed side-by-side with the in-platform video editor. Videos will only be built after admin approval. 

Video Brand Controls

Stay On Brand with Unlimited Brand Kits

Your Brand Kit allows you to maintain your brand identity, whether you have one or 100 creators working on videos. Pre-select your brand colors and fonts, upload a selection of logos and watermarks, and set defaults across your Business account. Add and manage unlimited brand kits to support individual campaigns, team projects, or holiday concepts.

Discuss Content

Leave video comments, visible only to your team, for targeted feedback, collaboration, and discussion among team members.

Internal Comments
Brand Locks

Lock in Branded Elements

Empower your team to be nimble and creative by providing a framework in which they can create videos. Choose which video elements individuals creators can edit and which are locked to ensure consistency across your entire organization’s creations.

Project Sharing

Powerful Sharing — When You Need It

Invite teammates to collaborate on projects. Share the final video with individuals or the whole team for viewing, sharing, and commenting — or keep it private.

Design Branded Videos

Design at Scale — Without the Designer

OpenReel for Business gives you access to our developers, who code your existing templates into your organization’s account. With Brand Kits and Brand Controls, your team can choose a branded template, record video, and then customize within the guidelines you have provided. The result is designer-made, on-brand videos, made at scale by your entire team.

Update Branded Videos

Stay Up-to-Date — Forever

Instant Updates ensures you never have old branding or footage in the wild — no matter how old your video is or how long ago you shared it. Simply update your Brand Kit within Creator, and immediately see a prompt to update branding across relevant videos, whether you have it embedded or simply linked. If you swap out video footage within the same link, that automatically updates too.

“OpenReel allows us to create the highest-quality video, quickly and in a way that puts participants and our teams at ease.”
Matt R., VP Marketing & Communications, Mid-Market Company on G2


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