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Customer Service Videos

OpenReel’s suite of video tools empowers customer service teams to deliver consistent, accurate communication that addresses individual client needs.

Customer Service Videos
Morning Brew
Morning Brew

How Can Your Customer Service
Team Use Video?

Client Onboardings

An onboarding library or pre-recorded videos that can be utilized in a live onboarding ensure clients are able to smoothly navigate the new product or service your company offers and can rewatch as questions occur.

On-Demand Support

Utilize pre-recorded video instructions that troubleshoot problems customers’ may run into throughout their relationship with your product, ensuring customers can access the information they need anytime they need it.

FAQ Answers

By converting commonly asked questions into a helpful, informative video library, customer service specialists can provide clients with ongoing support before an issue even arises.

Technical Updates

If a product or service has a new update or feature, the Customer Service team is able to ensure a smooth roll-out with clear how-to videos that Account Managers can provide to clients

Ticket Responses

When text responses to support tickets are insufficient, quickly record, edit, and share a short video that empowers you to actively navigate the client to a successful resolution.

Personal Follow-ups

Whether you’ve onboarded a new client or chatted through your CRM, delivering a personalized thank you video is an attentive way to show your and your company’s dedication to their experience.

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