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Record Yourself

Our video creation platform accesses your webcam so you can easily record — no need to import or use multiple programs to film and create. 

Record Yourself

How OpenReel's Self-Recording Tool Works

Choose the video template you want to use, then click Add Video, followed by Record.

Change to a different webcam or audio input right on your screen, and also upload a teleprompter script.

Preview, retake, and trim your video. Then finalize your video with branded animations, on-screen text, and more.
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The Features You Need to Record Yourself Professionally

It’s easy to record yourself with your computer’s webcam, an external webcam, or a browser-enabled DSLR. To make professional videos, however, it is crucial to choose an end-to-end video creation platform. This ensures you can access and control your camera from within the same platform where you will be editing and sharing the final video. This eliminates the need to download footage from the recording device and then upload the video into the editing software. Additionally, you will have more streamlined video project management because each take will be in one place.


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