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Videos for Financial Advisors

Finance is personal for individuals, and they want to trust the people who handle their money. By utilizing OpenReel’s enterprise video solutions, finance professionals explain complex topics, humanize the financial services field, and foster relationships with customers.

Videos for Financial Advisors
Morning Brew
Morning Brew

How Can Financial Advisors Use Video?

Communicate Your Brand

Video empowers financial institutions to establish a brand voice and persona, rather than simply being yet another bank or investment group.

Share Customer Stories

Existing clients can best communicate how your financial services have impacted their lives, providing valuable insight for prospects who want to see a human face and hear a real story before investing their money.

Educate Your Audience

Financial professionals will develop trust by using their niche knowledge to film educational videos and webinars to teach customers how to better understand their finances.

Become a Trusted Source

A regular flow of video content will establish a business as a thought leader in the financial industry, and not simply another financial institution.

Keep Customers Aware

Whether it’s a bank merger, a major change in the economy, or another event that requires crucial information to be shared, use video to keep customers informed of news in the most personal and transparent way possible.

Offer On-Demand Customer Service

Through on-demand webinars, video onboarding, and helpful how-to videos, all financial institutions can humanize their customer service operations with clear video.

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