Video Collaboration

Video Collaboration

Collaboration tools are built into each step of the video process, ensuring online video project management is easy and streamlined for teams.

Video Collaboration

How to Collaborate on Video Projects

Account admins can invite members to join the team account and control branding, ensuring consistency on video projects.

Add teammates to your video Projects, and work together on recordings and turning those takes into final polished videos.

Collaborate in a shared video library, eliminating the need to track down teammates videos or search across various video storage methods.
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The Features You Need for
Project Management and Collaboration

Video creation technology must have collaboration tools, which enables teams to scale content creation. It’s important to be able to work with teammates during the recording process, both collaborating together on shoots and allowing multiple people to film into the same video project. Additionally, a shared post-production environment is highly beneficial, allowing the final video to be quickly and easily created. Your hosting platform should also be collaborative, making it easy to search, watch, and share videos created by anyone within the team.


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