Video Library

Finished videos are automatically added to your video library where you can host, organize, and share your content.

How OpenReel's Video Library Works

When your team finishes a video, it is automatically added to your video library. You can also import any video made externally.

Give each video a custom URL, description, and thumbnail. Easily manage video captions, and public vs. private access.

Organize your videos in branded landing pages for streamlined collaboration and project management.

Share individual videos instantly with a watch link or in-platform email. Or host it permanently with a unique embed code.

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The Features You Need in an Online Video Library

A great video library exists as a streamlined feature within a digital video creation platform. This ensures video made within the platform will be exported straight into the video library — without additional steps like downloading and uploading. A video library should also allow custom naming conventions, the ability to select thumbnails, and the addition of captions and alt tags. To truly benefit your organization, a library must also feature hubs, where videos can be organized and shared externally.


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