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Sit back and relax as your videos, customized intros and outros, transitions, and pre-selected templates are stitched into a beautiful, professional final product.

How OpenReel Stitches Your Video Together

Record video, select any necessary stock footage, and drag each clip to arrange the order in your timeline.

Add any animations, on-screen text, and other branded elements. Include transitions between your clips.

OpenReel’s creation wizard magically stitches together all of your project elements into a polished final video.

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The Features You Need in a Video Clip Merger

You can easily merge or combine multiple video clips together with a high-quality free online video editor. Choose a tool that allows you to combine multiple video clips, as well as other video elements. These elements may include high-quality stock video, animations, and on-screen text. A great video creation tool will provide these within the platform so you do not have to import from third parties. An interactive timeline, where you can drag clips to rearrange the order, will also be beneficial, providing a more streamlined creation process.


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