Transcriptions & Captions

Free Transcription Software

Add captions to any video using automated in-platform transcription or by uploading your own file.

Free Transcription Software

How to Utilize Transcriptions & Captions with OpenReel

Preview and edit a timestamped transcription while you’re creating the video.

Burn captions onto any video when it’s created. Or upload a text file to your hosted video for flexible closed captioning.

Add multi-language closed captioning to any hosted videos to make your content more accessible.

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The Features You Need in a Video Transcription & Caption Tool

A video transcription tool within your video creation platform is a streamlined way to include captions on any video. You will want to ensure the tool offers automatic transcriptions, line-by-line transcript editing, and timestamps on the transcript. These features allow video creators to easily ensure accuracy. You additionally may want a multi-language closed captioning feature to further improve your videos’ accessibility.


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