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Organize your work into customizable, fully branded video hubs. Browse, search, and arrange each video so your audience gets the best viewing experience.

Video Collaboration Tools

How OpenReel's Video Hubs Work

Organize Videos
Build customizable video collections that can be browsed, searched, and organized to best fit your needs.

Understand how your audience is reacting to each video with information on shares, click-through rates for each call-to-action, and more.

Share Hubs
Distribute your video hubs through direct links or email — or keep them private so only your team can access.
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The Features You Need for Successful Video Management

End-to-end video creation platform makes it easier to create and share more videos. This makes it essential that your hosting service has strong video management tools. Video hubs — also know as collections — are a powerful way to organize a video library. You should be able to rearrange the order in which videos appear in order to fit your needs, as well as search the videos by keywords and titles. The ability to customize your hubs with a logo and brand color will further improve your audience’s relationship with your brand. In addition, ensure hubs can be shared, giving you even greater flexibility in how your audience views your content.


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