Instant Updates

Make changes to your brand kit or a video, and relax as our platform automatically updates live videos — wherever they live. 

How You Can Keep Videos Up-to-Date & On-Brand

Update Video Elements
Change a finished video’s footage, on-screen text, template, or even the entire project, and the final video will be updated everywhere: your library, embeds, and live links.

Update Branding
When a Brand Kit’s watermark, fonts, and logos are changed, every member of the team will see an alert to update relevant videos to new branding — with one click.

Custom Template UpdatesPremium
Users with custom templates simply let their Account Manager know about changes. OpenReel’s Developers will update the template’s coding, and every video will reflect the updates instantly.
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The Features You Need to Effectively Update Videos

Keeping videos up-to-date is an essential part of video management, and it can be difficult without the right tools. There are two key features that streamline this process, saving your team invaluable time and energy. The first is the capability to automatically update video elements within an existing file. Not only does this allow anyone to update recordings for a finished video and see that final video update everywhere it lives, but it ensures brand elements can be updated with a click of a button — no need to track videos down across the internet. The second crucial feature is an end-to-end video platform that includes streamlined recording, creation, and hosting. New recordings can be made or elements can be added to an existing video without ever leaving the platform — thus eliminating the need to ever download and upload videos.


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