Screen Recorder

Record Your Screen for Video

Simultaneously record your screen, yourself, or both to create professional, branded video presentations.

Record Your Screen for Video

When to Use OpenReel’s Screen Recording Tool

Create a polished, high-resolution video presentation that can be reviewed on demand with you and your screen or just your slides.

Product Demos
Screen capture allows a powerful review of any digital product or feature, as demonstrated by your brand’s experts.

Step-by-Step Guide
Video is the simplest way to explain complicated processes, making a step-by-step video recording your explanation along with relevant visuals is powerful.
"Easy to use, amazing customer support, lovely UX and straightforward steps."
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The Features You Need in a Screen Recording Tool

The best screen capture software allows you to record yourself and your screen simultaneously for streamlined presentations. For a more optimal, polished final video, you need the option to record your entire screen, a single window, or a particular section of your screen. Video sharing and exporting enhance recording workflows to get your videos out in the wild for consumption.


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