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Video hosting is easy with OpenReel. Record, edit, and create a branded video that will automatically be added to your team’s library. Have external videos? Don’t worry: you can host those here, too. 

“OpenReel allows us to create the highest-quality video, quickly and in a way that puts participants and our teams at ease.”
VP Marketing & Communications, G2

All of Your Brand's Videos, Hosted in One Place

Libraries Designed so Teams Can Easily Navigate and Share Their Videos

Video Hosting

Video Library

Whether you record new videos or upload existing ones, you can host, organize, and share your company’s videos in one place.


Simply add your video and its custom thumbnail to your website, LMS, or wherever you want to strengthen your brand with polished video.


Whether you want to share a single video or a customized collection, you can easily invite anyone to view your videos by sending a direct link or a personalized email right from the Library.


Optimize your videos and brand impact with precise view counts on each finished video in your library. 

Closed Captions

Automatically generate captions and transcripts or upload an .srt or .vtt file to add and manage multi-language closed captions in any final video.

Morning Brew
Morning Brew


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