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UGC Video Request

Send a link inviting someone else to record directly into your video project for easy, simple user-generated content (UGC) videos.

UGC Video Request

How OpenReel's Video Request Tool Works

Send a Video Request link to an interview subject, another stakeholder, a paid content creator — seriously anyone.

Attach a video introduction or instructions, or upload a teleprompter script for the recipient. If applicable, you can also set a time limit for each video.

After clicking a Video Request link, the recipient will see a guide on-screen to help frame themselves for a great video, along with any included prompts or scripts.

After the recipient finishes recording, their footage goes straight to your video project, where you can edit and trim the footage, drop into a template, and share your finished video.

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The Tools You Need to Request Video for UGC Content

It has never been easier for brands to secure user-generated content from employees, stakeholders, and paid creators. However, it is difficult to ensure that the video is both authentic and stays on-brand. With a high-quality UGC video tool, a video project manager can deliver a guest recording link directly to the content creator. By including prompts or questions, the manager ensures the recipient knows exactly what is asked of them before recording begins. Additionally, it is crucial that the manager can upload a teleprompter script that is ready for the recipient to utilize. The process is further streamlined if the high-quality video is delivered straight to the project manager’s video library, ensuring the creator does not need to download and transfer large files. The manager can then edit the video and add branded elements for a professional UGC video.


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