Release Notes 2.20

Resize video windows

Select your video within the editor, and drag the corners to resize it. The aspect ratio of the template’s video window cannot be changed. You also will not be able to add additional video feeds to the template; for example, if you are working with a two-speaker template, you won’t be able to add a third video feed, even if you have resized the original two to make room for it.

Contain or fill the video in its template space

You can also select “Contain video” or “Fill video” to change how the video fits into the video window. “Contain video” will ensure the entire video is visible, which can result in blank space around the video; “Fill video” zooms in on your video so that it takes up the entire video window, which can result in parts of the video not being visible.

Move video

If your template’s video window and your video itself have different aspect ratios, you may need to adjust what area of the video is shown. This is easy to do by dragging the video within its window.

You can also move any video window to another position within the template.

Send forward or backward

Need to send one video behind another video or bring it in front of your logo for one scene? Just select the “Bring forward” or “Send backward” buttons.

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