OpenReel 2.17 Updates

You may have seen our new dashboard’s facelift. But don’t worry – all the same core functionality is still there. We’ve just made it easier to get started, faster. Jump directly into self recording, picking out a template, scheduling a video request, or recording remotely.


Video Requests allow anyone to easily record into your Project

Request videos from Subjects with even more control – add more than one type of Recording Support to assist them in getting back quality footage. Easily send a teleprompter script and an instruction video with your best practices or send multiple questions for your subjects to respond to within a preset time limit.

Subjects can now record from a mobile browser and send comments to the sender to share important details related to their takes.



Transition smoothly between scenes

Apply transitions between scenes to make your video flow more naturally. Easily set the duration and color for a collection of transitions, including fade, cross dissolve, push, and swipe to give your videos that polished look.


Split clips to make editing more efficient

Edit more efficiently by splitting video clips and creating scenes effortlessly. No longer do you have to bring in the same clip twice and trim the front and the end to get your desired results.


Caption generation for multiple speakers by name

More than one speaker in your video? Now you can apply captions to multiple speakers for clear attribution. Make your videos even more accessible for viewers that aren’t able to watch with audio, or even just reinforce the verbal content by enabling viewers to listen and read at the same time. Speakers can be assigned automatically or manually added. Easily track who said what with color-coded, in-app transcription. Update the speaker name, modify which speaker is assigned to the highlighted text, or delete a speaker altogether with this new capability.


Snap guides to help you apply branding elements

Apply your logo or watermark to your video with confidence on where you’re applying it. Center horizontally or vertically with built in guides to make sure the design elements are consistently placed across all your videos.

We’ll be demoing our biggest new features from this year on December 20. 


Enhanced sharing capabilities

Share videos online from your OpenReel Library more effectively – share links will now populate with a video thumbnail and the video description that lives on the platform.


Embed responsively or with a fixed size

Generate an embed code based on your hosting needs. Responsive embeds will adjust the size to fill the space it’s being embedded in; whereas fixed size code can be preset from within the platform.



Password protect your Hubs

If you’re looking for more security around shared videos, leverage our latest password protection feature. This added layer of security helps ensure your video collections only make it to the viewers they’re meant for.


View video details at a glance

Quickly scan your library to see which videos are public or private and in what definition with more video details living on the thumbnail card in the Library.


Security & Admins

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for account admins

MFA provides an added level of security to accounts by requiring a user to login with their username and password and then confirm their identity with verification on another device at the time of login. Users can turn on MFA via SMS (text message). This can be controlled in the account settings per user currently, but the future state will also allow the admin to enforce this account-wide.


Single Sign On (SSO) setup for account admins

SSO allows users to use their business email credentials as their username and password across all connected platforms. Admin users can manage and configure their SSO configuration in the platform from Settings if SSO is available in their account.


Account admins can see all projects

Collaborate more efficiently than ever before. Account administrators can now have visibility into all projects on their team’s account rather than being added to each project individually.


Questions about our updates?

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