Powerful Multicam Capabilities

Tap into OpenReel's multicam function to film with up to eight devices at once. Whether you capture multiple angles of one Subject or join cameras from across the globe, you'll have crystal clear files with synched timestamps.

Capture your Subjects' best angles, simultaneously

Studio-quality interviews
Capture high-resolution interviews with one or multiple guests. Your footage will be crystal-clear, but no one has to travel or rearrange their schedules.
Multi-angle shoots
From large productions to single-person interviews, utilizing multiple cameras in one location provide more options for the editing team and an elevated final product.
Capture presentations & speakers
Harness multicam to capture a 1080p screen recording of your Subject's desktop presentation while simultaneously filming your Subject speaking.
G2 Logo Quote
"I love how it has [the] multi-cam feature where we can shoot our subjects from two angles with two devices. It's also packed with all video features we need to capture knowledge from our subjects."
Actual Enterprise Customer Review via G2

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