Seamless collaboration

Digitally replicate the collaboration, direction, and communication of an in-person shoot, both on the production side and with the Subject.

Remove the friction of providing real-time feedback to your virtual crew by using in-platform tools

In-session chat for the whole production team
Collaborators on the Production-side can utilize a streamlined in-platform chat to directly message one person or talk to the whole group — all without disrupting the Subject or going to a third-party chat.
Purpose-built tech for Director & Subject communication
Our Hold to Speak functionality allows for easy two-way communication between the Director and iOS Subjects when the Subject is using a microphone, working with hardware restrictions on audio input and output.
Powerful & responsive teleprompter controls
The Director and their collaborators have total control of the teleprompter. Adjust the script on-the-go based on the Subject's needs, scroll back to a certain sentence for another take, and adjust the scroll speed.
G2 Logo Quote
"The benefit is ease and convenience of team work. We can have a smaller team on site for recordings and the rest of the team available for support through Open Reel."
Actual Small Business Customer Review via G2

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