Professional Audio

Record Remotely

Our Professional Audio feature can be enabled easily on a Subject’s device, putting more power into the hands of Directors and providing you with richer audio files for post-production. Don’t want Pro Audio? No worries. It’s always optional.

How OpenReel Capture's Professional Audio Works

More audio data in each recording

When enabled, Professional Audio turns off echo cancellation, giving the Director up to 40% more audio data in each recording, plus the ability to adjust audio levels during the shoot.

More data simplifies post-production

Easily capture raw, unprocessed audio at a sample rate of 48 kHz, providing editors with more flexibility when editing audio in post-production.

Easily adjust manual gain

Never worry about clipping audio thanks to the ability to adjust gain in a session instantaneously.

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"[Our leadership] love[s] using OpenReel and requests it for their shoots. It makes them look good and sound good with clean audio."
Actual Enterprise Customer Review via G2


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