Pro Audio

Our Professional Audio can be enabled easily when a mobile Subject connects AirPods, putting more power into the hands of Directors and providing you with richer audio files for post-production. Don't want Pro Audio? No worries. It's always optional.

Deploy the power of an audio mixer live in your shoot

More audio data in each recording

When enabled, Pro Audio turns off echo cancellation, giving the Director up to 40% more data in both audio & video recordings, plus the ability to adjust audio levels during the shoot.

Have seamless conversations — even if external mics are in use

Pro Audio allows a Subject to use an AirPod speaker in their ear while also recording with an external microphone — no need for Hold-to-Speak to enable conversations.

Smart notifications make Pro Audio a breeze to enable

When a Subject connects in an eligible device, the Director is automatically given the option to turn on Pro Audio, no guess work required. If the Director wants to keep the feature off, no problem: the shoot will still have high-quality audio recordings.

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"[Our leadership] love[s] using OpenReel and requests it for their shoots. It makes them look good and sound good with clean audio."
Actual Enterprise Customer Review via G2

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