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10 Reasons to Use Teleprompters

10 Reasons Your Team Needs a Teleprompter for Video

For executives, sales professionals, and even marketers who don’t have on-camera experience, being recorded can be intimidating. Teleprompters are an essential tool to make recording easier for absolutely anyone. In this blog post, we'll explore ten reasons why your team needs a teleprompter for creating video content.
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Video Approvals

Say Hello to Approval Workflows with OpenReel

Require all videos to be approved by team administrators before a video is published. Here's how and why to use approval workflows.
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How Teleprompters Can Improve Your Marketing Videos

How Teleprompters Can Improve Your Videos

Discover how teleprompters can enhance your marketing videos and ensure each video captivate your audience. Learn tips and tricks for a great scripts and a flawless delivery.
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What You Need to Start Creating Videos in 2023​

You can begin to create videos online today with the equipment you already have, like your smartphone or tablet — even if you don’t have any experience in creating or editing video. Already creating video? You can start scaling immediately.
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Best Video Marketing Software in 2023

Capitalize on Video Marketing in 2023 with the Best Video Marketing Software

Capitalizing on video marketing can be made even easier with the right video marketing software. In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages of video marketing, the best video marketing software available, and the features brands need to create at scale and maximize ROI.
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Want More Flexibility? Livestream Your Recordings.

By livestreaming while you are recording in HD, you get more flexibility in your content.
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Livestream & Record in 4K Simultaneously with OpenReel Live

OpenReel Live, the newest way to engage your audience, is now available in all Capture accounts. With this new feature, you can livestream your Remote Capture shoots, while recording in up to 4K.
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woman viewing vertical video mobile

Everything You Need to Know About Vertical Video

Want to know more about vertical video, a shooting capability now available in Capture? Then read on for the history behind the popular social video format, how to use it, and why it matters.
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Capture Is Now Available on Android

Capture for Android includes all of the powerful filming capabilities of the iOS app. For Capture Directors, this means there’s no learning curve — just an expansion of who can be a filming Subject for your next shoot.
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