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Capture Is Now Available on Android

Since Capture’s inception, one of our most requested features has been an Android app. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that anyone can search for OpenReel in Google Play and download our app to their Android 8.1 or higher device

capture android app

Capture for Android includes all of the powerful filming capabilities of the iOS app, like the ability to film in 4K with 60 FPS on capable devices; Subject waiting rooms; Adaptive Uploads; vertical video; and more. For Capture Directors, this means there’s no learning curve — just an expansion of who can be a filming Subject for your next shoot.

Expanded recording capabilities

At OpenReel, our mission is to empower storytellers, “regardless of the size of our partnership or their organization, through our dynamic video platform.” Providing those storytellers with a powerful recording studio that is truly portable and operates remotely is the obvious way we do that, but, by expanding to Android, we are able to take a massive step forward in fulfilling that mission. 

Now Directors don’t need to worry about what devices their Subjects have. Android and iOS make up over 99% of the world’s mobile operating systems, so Directors can be confident that whoever they need to film with can easily download Capture and start filming — with professional, secure capabilities.

Universal access – truly

While iOS makes up the majority of operating systems in American phones, that’s far from true globally. In fact, Android is used on a whopping 73% of mobile devices worldwide. By bringing Capture’s patented remote global video capture technology, available in over 125 countries, to the world’s most popular operating system, OpenReel is now truly enabling you to efficiently create video content from almost anywhere in the world, no passport required.


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