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Want More Flexibility? Livestream Your Recordings.

By livestreaming while you are recording in HD, you get more flexibility in your content.
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benefits of video marketing for business growth

8 Benefits of Video Marketing for Revenue Growth in 2022

In the last decade, video has grown into the frontrunner for impactful marketing content. All successful brands, regardless of industry, can benefit from video marketing and show significant business growth. Don’t get left behind: learn and adopt the powerful benefits of a video strategy today.
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Easy Festive Holiday Video Ideas to Connect with Customers & Employees

'Tis the season to engage your employees, investors, and customers. With OpenReel Capture you can easily film a holiday video that’s low-lift, that will engage and delight your customers and employees, and is fun to create!
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record professional video instead of meetings

Too Many Meetings? Here’s Where You Can Substitute Video.

Asynchronous video is a powerful solution to overloaded calendars, eliminating pointless meetings without removing the human touch that meetings can deliver. Figuring out which meetings could become videos, though? That’s a struggle, but these five meeting types can get you started.
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5 Types of Internal Comms That Should Be Video — Plus Ideas to Implement Today

Internal communications is one of the most natural ways a company can embrace video — yet it’s often overlooked. Video improves employee understanding and retention, leading to more productive and successful offices.
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5 Types of Video For Your Business

Recruitment, sales, customer retention. There is no shortage of ways that video can help your business. But how do you know which types of video to start with? Here are the five types of video every business should create.
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Pre-production set-up with Ring light

6 Crucial Things to Do Before Your First Remote Video Shoot

The success of your first remote video shoot depends on excellent planning. In this guide, our video experts outline what you need to know and the equipment, like lighting and mics, to discuss with your Subject during pre-production.
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Testimonial Video with Clients

5 Simple Tips for Creating Impactful Video Testimonials

You can successfully prepare for and shoot a a video testimonial with your clients by following these five simple steps.
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Marketing Exec Using Video

Marketing Teams Should Start Using Video for These Use Cases

OpenReel reduces the high-costs & man-hours of creating video. With OpenReel, marketing teams can adapt video for more day-to-day use cases.
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