2020 Changed Business Communications. Meet Those New Demands Effectively.

2020 rushed in a new era of challenges to business communications — both externally and internally. With most people working from home, you are trying to be heard above overloaded video conference schedules, challenging homeschooling routines, and digitally exhausted individuals.

Even as many global enterprises begin returning to offices in 2021, it is crucial for businesses to evolve from the lessons of this year — and embrace impactful paradigm shifts towards distributed agile teams, lean budgets, and sustainable mindsets.

In our webinar on demand, join Justin Swain — VP of Global Strategic Partnerships at OpenReel — to learn why pre-recorded video is the flexible and forward-thinking answer. Yet, it is often overlooked as an option due to increased scrutiny on businesses’ budgets this year and the logistical hurdles of traditional video shoots.

  • Learn how remote filming permits global enterprises to reimagine how video fits into their bottom line
  • Hear examples of how businesses are leveraging remote video creation to streamline video projects across the organization to meet their audiences’ demands for more authentic, effective communications at scale
  • Ensure your business can create video in a faster, more sustainable, and easier way than traditional shoots without sacrificing high production value or cross-functional collaboration in 2021 and beyond
  • Understand how remote video humanizes your business’s message while conveying authenticity and transparency to your audience

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn why remote video creation is a crucial addition to your organization’s tech stack and will enable your team to effectively meet your goals in 2021. 


This webinar was filmed through Zoom.

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