2021 Is the Year of Video. Here's Why.

2020 rushed in a new era of challenges to business communications — both externally and internally. With most people working from home, you are trying to be heard above overloaded video conference schedules, challenging homeschooling routines, and digital exhaustion.

Even as many global enterprises begin returning to offices in 2021, it is crucial for leadership to evolve from the lessons of this year and embrace pre-recorded creative video. This is the forward-thinking, flexible communication solution that puts your recipient’s needs first while also increasing collaboration across your organization’s distributed stakeholders, decreasing time-to-market for your video content initiatives, and delivering high-quality assets in a sustainable and less resource intensive way. Afterall, your message absolutely matters whether it’s being conveyed to customers, prospects, employees, or investors. Ensure 2021 is the year that it truly resonates with your audience while empowering your employees to create more high-quality content without the typical limitations posed by traditional on-site video production.

Reach your audience

of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.
hours of online video was watched, on average, by individuals in 2020.
of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

Provide flexibility

Pre-recorded creative video for internal and external communication is your answer to busier and more uncertain schedules. Your recipients can consume the content when it makes sense for them — not during a scheduled pitch meeting or all-company conference call. This instantly improves their ability to understand and appreciate what you have to offer without creating even more distractions for their lives. By embracing pre-recorded video as a necessary communication tool, you are also giving your leadership team flexibility to quickly turn around messaging when they need to without laboring over long emails or struggling to schedule meetings that fit multiple calendars. 

Humanize your message

Emails, phone calls, and video conferences each have a dependable place in your work tech stack. However, they each are not personable, preventing you from forming a connection with your audience. Whether you’re recording an ad for Facebook or an end-of-quarter recap for your staff, a video with quality production value gives you the ability to put a face, gestures, and additional context into your message. While video conferencing empowers you with some of these value-adds, the distractions of multi-person video windows and the possibility of faulty internet connections detract from your message and the ability to make eye contact with the camera and, in turn, each person you need to impact with your message. 

Engage your team

Companies with engaged employees outperform those without them by a whopping 202%.
Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read text.
A company would save approximately $1,200 a year in productivity per employee, just by using more visuals in the workplace.

Convey validation

Audiences are hungry for authentic, transparent communications that openly convey that brands and leadership are attuned to their audiences. Recorded video empowers you to convey sincerity, enthusiasm, urgency, and gravitas effectively to investors, employees, and customers. By developing a more meaningful and direct connection through investor or customer communications, client testimonials, and executive interviews, you establish a base level of trust, which translates to higher engagement; the same is true for employees who are happier to work when they believe in a company that makes them feel seen, heard, valued, validated, and informed. 

Add clarity

Traditional business communication, like calls and emails, can feel stale, cumbersome, and long-winded, distracting from your message and ability to forge a genuine relationship with the recipient. A short video allows you to add context and be direct without losing the warmth and personal touch that can be negated by a brief email. By reducing distractions and telling your recipient exactly what they need to know, you are able to create straight-forward communications that are memorable and more impactful.

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