Help Your Team Embrace Video Content Creation

Many businesses only have one or two people who create video content in their entire organization. When a company has a comparatively larger budget or video is truly a priority, there’s a video professional; a marketer typically handles any video creation when the company is smaller. For many other companies, however, no one is handling video at all: creation is deemed too time-consuming or difficult.

Eliminate Video Bottlenecks

Here’s the thing, though: creating professional-quality videos doesn’t require being a video specialist. Everyone can make great videos.

Making videos should be a team effort. Because whether you want more tutorials for customers or a way to eliminate too many meetings, video content can make a difference.

Here are five tips to help your team embrace video content creation.

Identify How Video Can Fit into Existing Workflows

Your priority when adopting any new tool should be ensuring that it improves your team’s work-life. Not only will something complicated, time-consuming or otherwise negatively impactful have a detrimental impact on company morale, but the chance of failure increases.

To avoid this, identify key areas where video will fit seamlessly into your team’s existing workflows. Weekly meetings for project updates? That’s a great asynchronous video. Emails to prospects? Video adds a more personalized and engaging touch — even when it’s being sent to hundreds. New feature demo for existing client? Marketing report for the company? The CEO’s morale boosting message to fire up the team at the end of the quarter? Video, video, video.

If a person is already stopping their flow to write an email or hop into a meeting that does not require momentum-building conversations, then they can create a short video in the same amount of time without disturbing their workflow. Think that’s not possible because videos are complicated? That brings us to our next point.


How to Solve Major Video Hurdles

How to Solve Common Challenges of Creating Video

This guide will leave you with a better understanding of how to solve the common challenges of creating video at scale — and why businesses need to embrace video across their organization if they want to stay competitive.

Champion Technology that Your Team Is Comfortable Using

Your success will be limited if you force employees to use professional video cameras or studio rooms. Yes, an expensive video camera or, even, a DSLR will record impressive video content; a video studio will ensure the sound and lighting are excellent. But for anyone new to video, these are massive hurdles.

The webcam on your company computer or the camera on each team member’s smart phone can also record quality video. That iPhone in your CEO’s pocket? It can record at 1080p. Embrace that! By making it possible for your team to record with the devices they already use every single day, you demystify videos and video creation. It’s a simple way to demonstrate that recording a product demo for a prospect should be as natural and easy as recording a dog being cute.

Centralize Project Management

A centralized place for your organization to store and access its videos provides the foundation for a consolidated tech stack. It is too common for teams without video libraries for both raw and finished videos to save content to disparate hard drives, network file shares, or document management sites.

Without a singular, shared storage and hosting function, different team members may not be able to find the content they need when it’s time to use or share it. In some cases, even after locating the file, it may not be playable by the viewer unless they have the right device. But a video creation platform makes your video and file systems easy to navigate and utilize.


Creating an Efficient and Productive Workflow: the Benefits of Centralizing Content Creation​

Centralized content creation helps your team to minimize errors, achieve effective brand growth, and improve productivity.

Eliminate Approval Bottlenecks

Even marketers and video specialists who consider themselves video champions may have trouble releasing their grip on approvals. Afterall, these are the same people tasked with ensuring brand control and consistency throughout the company. The problem, however, is that teams will stick with their existing tools, whether that’s a simple email or a text-only social post, if they can’t use the video when they need it.

The key is for brand control to be put in place before the entire organization is empowered to create their own content. Expand your existing brand guidelines for talking about the company and products in writing to also include language for video. Then adopt video creation technology that allows marketers to lock in the branding so that anyone throughout the organization can film their own content into the template.

Get Your Whole Team Involved in Video Creation

Your team may be hesitant to create more video content, but you need it. The process of creating great video content doesn’t have to be scary or challenging. You can easily get your team to make videos if you have the right tools, resources, and support.

Your customers will be happier, your communication will improve, and your content will be more engaging.

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