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Host must-see interactive webinars

With our intuitive webinar solution, fully customize digital events in minutes for a 100% on-brand, engaging experience.

Standout Webinars, Ready in Minutes

Total Brand Control

Host a completely on-brand webinar — not just another video meeting. Completely customize every element from your registration landing page, to brand colors, fonts, event communications, and the webinar itself.

Meaningful Attendee Engagement

Share curated valuable assets such as CTAs, PDFs and pre-recorded videos with attendees during the event to maximize reach. Host engaging breakout sessions, chat directly with attendees, launch personalized polling, and introduce live Q&As.

Actionable Audience Insights

Understand and measure your attendees’ experience by viewing real-time analytics for both webinars and breakout sessions to determine how your content, pre-recorded videos, and presentations are resonating.

Dynamic Use Cases

Industry events
Social Videos
Product launches
Product Demo Product Demo Editor
light use case breakout sessions openreel events
Team meetings
OpenReel Webinar Use Cases webinars

Provide a VIP webinar experience

Air pre-recorded trade show videos, empower speakers to share hand-outs with online viewers, and equip both attendees and hosts with a truly memorable, impactful event experience.
OpenReel Webinar Use Cases Products Demos

Better support your customers

Execute product walk-throughs or pre-recorded demos, and share crucial brand collateral to ensure your clients feel supported and empowered.
OpenReel Webinar Use Cases Webinars

Empower new hires

Equip new hires to succeed from Day 1 with a personalized, informative onboarding experience featuring pre-recorded training videos and crucial manuals that you can review together live.
OpenReel Webinar Use Cases team meetings

Engage employees with better meetings

With a live meeting platform built for engagement, all-hands, team weeklies, and one-on-ones will break through the noise of your team's daily onslaught of emails and pings.

Powerfully Engage Attendees & Gain Actionable Audience Insights

Host unlimited webinars

One OpenReel Events license ensures you can host unlimited webinars.

Harness total brand control

Personalize every aspect of your webinar, from the outreach emails to the registration page to the actual event, utilizing your own logo, brand colors, fonts, and more. 

Customize attendee experiences

Add your own branding to our easy-to-use, customizable registration & event pages.

Automate communication

Send webinar invitations directly from the platform, then build a workflow for reminder and follow-up emails — all with your own branding.

Engage audiences in realtime

Interact with attendees through personalized polling, realtime reactions, dynamic breakout session, and live Q&As. 


Host breakout sessions

Host breakout sessions that provide tailored content to audience members, give attendees the opportunity to chat with peers in smaller groups, and host in-depth discussions about webinar topics.

Share resources during the webinar

Air pre-recorded videos, add relevant CTAs for attendees, and provide collateral for download.

Compatible Devices

Attend straight from a browser

Your webinar attendees can tune in straight from a browser on their mobile or desktop, ensuring it's an easy, simple viewing experience. 

Import registration lists

Easily import your contact lists or registration information from other platforms, saving you time and energy.

Chat live with attendees

Utilize an in-webinar chat to answer attendee questions, encourage discussion among the group, and share additional resources during the presentation. 

Record every webinar

Receive recordings of each live webinar so you can make the most of your impressive content.

Prep your speakers backstage

Get organized before going live with a dynamic backstage experience built to make sure everything goes smoothly.

dark feature integrations openreel

Integrate with your go-to platforms

OpenReel Events seamlessly integrates with Wistia, Vimeo and YouTube, so you can easily air pre-recorded content.

Execute with first-class support

Enjoy a thorough self-service Help Center, as well as access to dedicated team members who are accessible via email, phone, or chat if you have any immediate questions.


Optimize with robust analytics

Tap into your integrated Google Analytics codes and learn from attendee data, registration lists, and in-webinar interactions to make your next webinar even more powerful.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Will all viewers always see the stream in the resolution we broadcast in?

Our platform uses adaptive bitrate streaming. This means that the resolution that the attendee sees will be based on the bandwidth and CPU capacity of the viewer.

Is every event recorded?

Any streams that you broadcast in the Main Presentation or in a Breakout Room will be recorded and will appear in the Recordings tab of that webinar in your OpenReel account.

Do you have a plan for more than 1,000 attendees?

If you require a webinar attendee capacity of more than 1,000 please contact our Sales team to sign up for a custom plan.

Talk to Sales
Can I have more people register for my webinar than my account attendee capacity limit?

Yes, every user can have unlimited registrations for their webinar. However, once the attendee capacity is reached, additional attendees will not be able to access the webinar. You can upgrade your plan at any time if additional attendee capacity is needed.

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Do my webinar attendees need to download anything from OpenReel to attend my webinar?

No! Attendees will receive a unique link via email when they register that they then will use to access your webinar via web browser, no downloads required.

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How do you keep my data secure?

From ISO 27001 Certification, to GDPR Compliance we take your data security seriously. Additionally, access to the platform can be configured with SSO through your IdP, and all users are able to control permissions to their camera and microphone. Everything runs through your supported browser of choice, so there is nothing additional that you need to download on any device.

What flexible subscription options do you offer?

Monthly subscriptions will renew automatically each month and be billed on the same date each month. You can cancel at any time. Annual subscriptions are billed at the discounted annual rate in full at the beginning of your subscription. Annual plans will renew automatically each year. We do not offer per webinar payment plans.

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Can I pause my webinar subscription?

You are not able to pause your subscription. If you have a monthly subscription, you may cancel at any time. If you have an annual subscription, you may cancel your annual subscription at any time prior to the end of your agreement, but will be billed through the end of the one-year agreement.

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