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Influencer Video

The OpenReel platform allows brands to remotely advise on video shoots so you impact video quality, not creative control.

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Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways for brands to target potential customers. Their peers’ opinions and recommendations weigh far more heavily in their purchasing decisions than any agency-created marketing.
Influencer video performs best when it has an honest and organic feel. That’s why many brands worry that getting involved in influencer video marketing production could compromise authenticity.
OpenReel changes that dynamic. Our video production and marketing platform allows you to remotely advise on video shoots so you impact quality, not creative control.

Collaborate on influencer video with OpenReel

With OpenReel, your brand team seamlessly participates in live video shoots. Offer real-time advice to ensure you’re capturing high-quality footage from influencers.

OpenReel allows you to:

Give your brand influencers an easy-to-use video tool

Your brand influencers don’t need to worry about equipment or being video savvy. All they need is a smartphone and tripod. OpenReel’s remote video capture technology turns any phone into a camera capable of recording HD quality video. Your influencers simply download the video capture app and you can start to record them.

Remotely oversee quality control

With OpenReel, you can closely advise on video production without being in the same room. Provide live feedback on camera position, background, lighting and sound — all from your desktop. You can invite multiple team members to join and watch the shoot happening in real time.

Support your brand influencers with helpful features

Take the pressure off your influencers to memorize or improv. OpenReel’s teleprompter feature allows you to scroll a script on the smartphone screen as it records.

Impact quality, not authenticity

There is no limit to the number of people who can download the OpenReel capture app. Without leaving your office, your marketing team can work with brand influencers anywhere in the world. Customizable Subscriptions for your business. View our pricing plans.

Diversify your video production offering

Create more types of video content at scale and on demand. Use OpenReel for


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