Want to Better Support Your Hybrid Office? It's Time to Invest in Digital Video Tools.

Today’s distributed global video teams are accustomed to logistical and financial challenges. Not only is traditional video production expensive as crew flights and overnighting footage hard drives eat into budgets, but storing and searching years of a brand’s irreplaceable raw footage can also be a nightmare.

Even so, video is the most impactful tool for marketers, executives, and communication professionals to connect with their audiences — and its strength for businesses is only going to keep growing. In fact, the Social Media Industry’s Benchmark Report for 2021 shows that video is the most effective tool across nearly all industries, and poised to produce more interactions for brands this coming year. That is why it is crucial for businesses to embrace the most efficient, flexible, and reliable digital video tools available. These tools can empower remote teams to be agile, operate at lean budgets, and get more content out the door.

In our webinar on March 16, Scott Salik, VP of Global Content at Youngevity and longtime user of OpenReel and axle ai, was joined by axle ai CEO Sam Bogoch and OpenReel VP of Global Strategic Partnerships Justin Swain to discuss how digital video solutions have helped his team produce better, simpler video at scale, while saving significant time and money.

  • Learn how remote video creation ensures marketing and communication teams fit video into their bottom line, while production crews can be more flexible and efficient
  • Explore how remote video search software can save you time, money, and organizational headaches
  • Hear examples of how businesses are leveraging digital solutions to streamline video projects across the organization
  • Understand how digital video tools are smart, effective solutions for remote and in-person teams

This on-demand webinar is an opportunity to learn why remote video creation, storage, and search are crucial additions to your organization’s tech stack and will strengthen your team this year.


This webinar was filmed through Zoom.