How to Record Professional Videos Online

Are you interested in recording video online, but not sure how to get started? This guide will show you how to record video online using OpenReel’s four recording methods. Whether you want to record a video for work or for fun, we’ll help you get started.
But we’ll let you in on a secret now: recording is so easy that it’s almost not worth writing about! You’re just a few clicks away from recording an HD quality video of yourself, a computer display, or an invited guest.

Record Yourself

Recording a business video featuring yourself is a great way to show potential customers who you are and why they should trust your business. It gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your field and demonstrate your knowledge and experience. It also allows you to showcase your personality and create a deeper connection with viewers, as they will be able to relate to you and your story. Lastly, a business video featuring yourself can help to add credibility to your business, as it proves you are a real person who is knowledgeable and invested in the success of your business.

How to do it: No shade on selfies, but your professional videos deserve professional footage. Since OpenReel taps into your webcam, it’s not only incredibly easy to take a well-framed, stable shot (you’re a pro at those video conferencing angles by now, right?), but also do it within the same platform where you will be editing and using templates. Just hit Instant Self Record, and you’ll be up and running.


Record Your Screen

Screen recording is a great way to create content and share your knowledge with others for instructional videos, demonstrations, and tutorials. You can record just your screen with OpenReel or simultaneously record your screen and yourself.

How to do it: Follow the same method as “Record Yourself” and simply change the camera type to screen. If you want to record both your screen and yourself, opt for a Presentation template so you can record simultaneously.


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Request Video from Someone Else

The joy of scaling video creation effectively means you don’t have to do all of the work. With OpenReel, you can send a video request to anyone, and they’ll be invited to record a video for your project. This type of user-generated content is a great way to engage with request reviews from clients, add more people to your videos, or give your customers a change to showcase their creativity. reviews.

How to do it: By selecting, Send a Video Request, you’ll be prompted to add important information so that OpenReel can deliver your request or requests. The coolest part, though, is that you can add a script to the teleprompter or add question prompts for your recipient.


Record Someone Else or a Group

If you need to record someone and need to be part of the experience, that’s also easy to do online. Remote recordings are ideal when you want to give your filming Subject the white-glove experience and want to have more of a Director’s control over the camera settings, adjusting frame rate, color balance, and more as needed.

How to do it: Just invite others to a Remote Recording Session; you can schedule it in advance or send a link to start immediately. OpenReel Capture’s technology then makes it easy to pair into and film with any collaborator’s Android, iOS, Webcam, or DSLR device.

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