How WorkerBee.TV uses OpenReel to enhance event engagement

WorkerBee.TV uses OpenReel to remove barriers and expand the reach of virtual & hybrid events by pre-recording quality videos.
video presentation for hybrid event
OpenReel Capture broke down barriers by allowing us to film high-quality video content remotely. We were able to create promo videos, videos for the event, and post follow-up videos, all in the same remote filming session. We don’t have to fly a crew out, we can just connect to our Subject's iPhone and we can film in 4K.
Doug Coombs
Director of Client Services at Workerbee.TV

The Workerbee team expanded its offerings by using OpenReel to reduce resources needed to film events, reach clients across the world, and create pre-recorded videos for events, keynote speakers, promos, fireside chats, and more. Before OpenReel, creating impactful content for event promotion required crews to be on location and took a lot of time and resources to produce one video. Now, WorkerBee.TV is easily creating engaging content before, during, and after events, and using one recording session to create engaging content to support event registration, stream during the event, and even entice more event sponsors.

Save client's time & money

OpenReel™ eliminates the need for multiple in-studio shoots, savings that are passed on to clients.

Better, more trackable ROI

Video insights can be gathered before, during, and after the event providing more data point for ROI.

Expanded event reach

Workerbee.TV now provides clients with additional content, expanding the event’s reach without investing more resources.

The Company

WorkerBee.TV is a full-service online media company who develops strategic content plans and scripts, films, produces,edits, and distributes any type of video project. With the ability to film globally, the boutique agency works with companies to create engaging video presentations for virtual and hybrid conferences and tradeshows. With integrated lead generation and call-to-action opportunities, WorkerBee.TV focuses on how they can help clients engage, convert, and measure video content to deliver impressive ROI with their proprietary video platforms.

The Challenge

WorkerBee.TV needed to enable its clients to impactfully connect with attendees and track engagement for virtual and hybrid events.

In 2020 and 2021, conferences, trade shows, and industry events shifted from in-person to digital and hybrid. This expanded the reach of many events by removing barriers, like travel, that limited in-person attendance. Local companies and associations could easily go beyond their own region and invite global companies to participate, increasing the amount of attendees and sponsors. However, it also required Workerbee.TV to change how it could support clients’ video needs at events. The team was challenged to engage a virtual audience with on-brand content, continue to create captivating videos for clients, and track event ROI, all while working with travel restrictions and COVID protocols.

The Solution

OpenReel™ Capture empowered WorkerBee.TV to create more videos for hybrid and virtual events than were previously made for in-person events

Before the wave of hybrid and virtual events, WorkerBee.TV already was using OpenReel Capture to easily film professional-quality videos for their clients around the world. When challenged to film content that engaged virtual event attendees and also converted them into customers, Workerbee.TV’s creative team identified expanded uses for Capture to easily pre-record presentations, and other videos, like product videos that would enhance their event campaigns and remain relevant after the event ended.


Capture’s patented remote creation capabilities empowered the Workerbee.TV team to film with clients across the world. The creative team did not need to be in-person to film — nor did members of the clients’ own team or their event presenters need to be together. Instead, the technical directors (Virtual Videographers from WorkerBee.TV) held pre-production meetings and shoots virtually, while still providing the professional creative experience and quality for which the company was known. Capture also allowed for WorkerBee.TV’s clients to be in the virtual recording room as collaborators, ensuring that all of the content was captured in the recording sessions.


The benefits of using Capture multiplied when Workerbee.TV looked beyond the day-of presentation and identified how clients also could utilize video to share valuable pre-show and post-show messages with a targeted audience — all prerecorded. Companies were now shooting upwards of 40 videos, for 54% less than without capture.


“OpenReel Capture broke down barriers by allowing us to film high-quality video content remotely. We were able to create promoteaser videos, videos for the event, and post follow-up videos, all in the same remote filming session. We don’t have to fly a crew out, we can just connect to our Subject’s iPhone and we can film in 4K.” said WorkerBee.TV’s Director of Client Services, Doug Coombs.


These additional videos provide clients with powerful ways to grab their audience’s attention before and after an event, rather than only during the event itself.


OpenReel™ enabled WorkerBee.TV to expand reach for both virtual and hybrid events and create professional quality video to share with attendees before, during, and after the event

Since the pivot to hybrid and digital events, Workerbee.TV has found innumerable, powerful benefits in filming video for clients with OpenReel Capture.
Because each event’s videos can be created from one singular filming session, there’s no additional time required of the client or the client’s stakeholders. By condensing multiple shoots into one, companies were saving 54% by filming remotely without compromising the quality of an in-person filming session. Additionally, clients have been able to secure a wider range of speakers for events because the speakers do not need to travel — yet can confidently provide a powerful, high-quality presentation through a Capture-recorded video.


Workerbee.TV and the clients themselves have also been able to better track ROI thanks to the additional video elements that are now part of the virtualand hybrid events. For example, the impact of a company’s booth at a trade show relies on foot traffic, which is difficult to quantify. Companies can now see traffic during the sessions and continue to engage with attendees well after the event is over. By adding video to a virtual booth, Workerbee.TV’s creative team is able to provide measurable analytics to the client for each impression, view, and click-through that the video generates. One company was able to see their sponsors videos were viewed 8,340 times during an event and 3,245 views after the event was over. This is an increase in traffic by 29% — something that would have been missed at an in person event. In addition to this impressive growth from physical events, companies also can continue to better engage with prospects after the event is over and they’ve taken down their booth. This enables a way to identify the success of the campaign by calculating the cost of the videos vs. the cost of registration, reporting engagement scores, identifying the reach of each video, and demos or meetings associated with the campaign.

Similarly, that ability to more impactfully measure ROI transfers to event sponsors. Clients are able to provide specific data points to advertisers so they understand how attendees are engaging with their brand throughout the event. Additionally, they can get “take-home” content of their own in the form of quality even videos featuring their name.

None of these benefits would truly matter if not for the professional quality OpenReel’s technology brings to WorkerBee.TV videos. Workerbee.TV’s creative team has not only successfully pivoted to support clients in producing virtual and hybrid events, but it has grown its business through Capture’s remote filming capabilities. The agency provides clients with powerful video, while following all travel guidelines and enabling tracking of event engagement and actionable metrics that can be easily monitored by clicks, plays, and shares.


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