Charlie O’Donnell, VC, uses OpenReel™ for fireside chats

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures gives powerful advice on staffing at early-stage startups.
Charlie O'Donnell Founde Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

The Company

Charlie O’Donnell of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures is known for identifying companies early. Before founding his own venture fund — Brooklyn’s first — Charlie worked at First Round Capital where he identified and raised money for major names like GroupMe and Refinery29. By filming videos with OpenReel’s Remote Creation technology, he has been able to share his respected and influential ideas even further, continuing to establish himself as a major thought leader in the start-up and venture capital space.

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, the first VC fund founded in Brooklyn, NY, is the most accessible early stage partner for startups in NYC. We foster a thriving community both online and offline open to founders and innovative professionals of all backgrounds. BBV manages approximately $30 million and counting across three funds, leading or co-leading investments of up to $400,000 in New York City pre-seed and seed companies that have yet to raise $750,000 in prior rounds. Conversations often start pre-product and pre-deck and no warm intros or other systematic barriers prevent us from engaging with the community.

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