Seamless Subject Experience

Our technology was designed so Directors can provide Subjects — whether a high-level executive, important client, or major talent — with personalized, white-glove service.

Roll out the virtual red carpet with ease

Personalized & frictionless invites
Securely invite Subjects according to their preference for quick and easy access: link via regular communication, automated email, or a short Session ID.
Customizable production settings
Use OpenReel’s in-platform teleprompter to allow the Subject to relax while staying on-message as the Director inputs and edits scripts, adjusts placement on the screen, and resets as needed.
Hands-off experience
Once your Subject has joined the shoot, they only need to focus on their delivery, while the Director runs the technical and creative aspects of the shoot.
G2 Logo Quote
"I have extensive film production experience, so I found OpenReel highly intuitive to use. Moreover, it provides all that's needed to produce quality corporate remote videos. Now, what is genuinely phenomenal about OpenReel is how easy the tool is for a participant who has absolutely no experience as a subject of a filming session. They receive an email from OpenReel with an embedded link, they follow the easy prompts and that's it! From the participant's perspective, using their webcam or smartphone is so straightforward. And the feedback I have received has only been positive. And the support team is fantastic."
Actual Mid-Market Customer Review via G2

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