All-in-one Project Management

Not just a filming solution, OpenReel also delivers management capabilities for your video projects. Organize and keep track of your projects and associated shoots — without any additional software or plug-ins.

Customize organizational settings to suit your team’s needs

Organized Projects
Start a film Project, then create as many Sessions within that Project as you need, utilizing your own naming conventions to give maximum function to your team.
Streamlined Session Libraries
Each Session is easily navigable and can be personalized for your team by favoriting your best takes and setting custom naming conventions.
Cloud Collaboration
Stakeholders can organize takes in the secure cloud, while collaborators can easily view and download files for your Project in real time.
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"To be able to remotely reach in and grab the file at the end, you know, provided a level of confidence to us. Plus, I have half my team is here in Boston and the other half is in Kiev, Ukraine. And I needed them to be able to work on things quickly and to be able to take the files, put them up into our cloud storage and have them editing within a few hours was a giant benefit."
Michael Gilday, Executive Producer, DataRobot

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