Video Production

Produce compelling content with fewer video production resources

From virtual events and client testimonials to electronic press kits (EPKs), video is the most impactful way to connect with your audiences. OpenReel makes it easier for video production crews and creative teams to capture video you're proud of all over the world.
Director's view with controls

Efficiently Collaborate & Create with Your Clients

Roles Director

Efficiently Capture B-Roll

Easily capture quality B-roll footage from anywhere with only a single camera operator, the Subject's phone, and an OpenReel account. 

Persona Talent

Simplify your Subject's Experience

Eliminate the need to coordinate schedules and travel on-site, allowing the production team to seamlessly secure crucial video recordings remotely with key Subjects at their convenience.

Roles Collaboration

Affordably Collaborate & Create

Reliably and affordably capture professional-quality video and screen recordings, while replicating on-set collaboration with distributed stakeholders via virtual production set.


Save Time When It Matters Most

Reduce time-to-market by uploading locally-recorded videos from the Subject's device and accessing files from the secure cloud in real time.

Utility Sessions

Regain Control Over Variables

Keep video productions on-time and on-budget while filming your 4K shots, which impediments, like weather, power, logistics, and budget changes, might derail.

Consistent Controls & Deliverables

Consistently capture resolution, bitrates you're proud of, as well as leverage the teleprompter feature so you always get the shot. 

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From freelance creatives to your favorite media networks, production teams trust OpenReel's Remote Video Capture™ technology to quickly, affordably, and sustainably create professional-quality video content at scale. See how ViacomCBS uses OpenReel™ to film shows, interviews, and more at the same quality as in-studio shows.
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