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OpenReel helps you capture and create powerful videos that bring the student experience, campus life, alumni community, and athletic excitement to current, former, and prospective attendees.

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How OpenReel Works Across the Educational Experience

Level Up Your Recruiting

Interview alumni across the globe, as well as students and faculty on campus, to showcase your school's reach, while keeping a lid on costs.


Impress & Engage Alumni

Compile any alumni event into a must-watch marketing movie, and keep your graduates engaged and involved in the school they love with video fundraising campaigns.

Live and Hybrid Events Video

Capture Important Interviews

Never miss a great guest speaker or a conversation with the dean again. OpenReel brings the important speakers right to students and faculty through video.

Make Big Events Even Better

Promote attendance and engagement at on-campus events with videos made for the social channels and forums students are using, then share post-event recaps.


Bring Learning Events to Life

Empower faculty to easily make on-demand lessons that provide engaging, immersive, and interactive learning experiences for students, both on campus and online.


Create Engaging Content

Give your students an unforgettable online experience with engaging video content of campus life, like major sports events or artistic performance, that keeps them coming back for more.

How WVU Harnesses OpenReel's Video Technology to Drive Their Admissions Campaigns

West Virginia University has used the OpenReel Remote Video Creation technology to change their marketing initiatives, connecting with prospective students digitally and safely showing the steps taken to keep students healthy during their college experience.
West Virginia University Students

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