Client Testimonial Videos

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Client Testimonial Videos

Use OpenReel’s remote capture technology to easily record high-performing video testimonials from your clients.

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Incorporating strong client testimonials into your website, social strategy and email
campaigns is the most effective way to build credibility and trust.

Humanize your brand by bringing client success stories to life with video. OpenReel’s remote capture technology allows you to easily record testimonials delivered in the most sincere way possible – in your client’s own words, on camera.

Easily capture video testimonials with OpenReel

Potential customers may scan or overlook even your most compelling text-based testimonials. Tap into the potential of higher-performing video testimonials – and watch engagement take off.

OpenReel allows you to:

Conveniently shoot testimonial footage

The OpenReel platform turns your client’s smartphone into a remote camera. Your client speaks to the camera as you direct the whole process from your desktop. Obtain HD quality video without you – or your client – leaving your desks.

Deliver a hassle-free client experience

A solid client testimonial is a huge favor from your client, so you want it to be convenient. Your client can get started in just three easy steps: Download the capture app to their phone, start the session with an ID you provide and hit record.

Provide live feedback during the video shoot

As you watch the shoot happening in real time, you can instruct your client on the best way to position the phone for optimal lighting, camera angles and sound. Receive and review video files instantly to make sure you captured exactly what you need.

Support your client with our teleprompter feature

If your client prefers to read a written testimonial or speak with prompts, you can easily turn their smartphone screen into a scrolling teleprompter.

Record as many video testimonials as you want

There is no limit to the number of people who can download the OpenReel capture app. Our customizable subscriptions vary from unlimited usage to pay per shoot.View our pricing plans..


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