Remote Video Creation™

What is Remote Video Creation™?

Remote Video Creation™ is the more efficient, sustainable, and affordable way modern teams record and produce professional-quality video content from anywhere using equipment they already have on hand, regardless of skill level.

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Why Remote Video Creation™?

We are in the video era. Your employees thrive on video communications and your audience craves a constant stream of new, high-quality, engaging video content. To achieve maximum results, teams need to deliver exceptional digital content experiences, without sacrificing quality, speed, affordability, or collaboration. 

That’s why we’ve made Remote Video Creation™ our mission. Teams using OpenReel can say goodbye to expensive, time-consuming, disruptive video shoots that prevent scalable content plans. With our patented camera controls, enterprise-class security, and powerful collaboration tools, recording video remotely becomes efficient, affordable, and sustainable.

That’s why the world’s leading brands stopped sacrificing quality and speed, and started to record and tell their stories with OpenReel.

Democratize video creation across your organization with a single platform, remotely

Every person at your organization can be a video expert and create videos remotely with OpenReel. That means, when there’s an idea for a video, it can be created efficiently and effectively. No waiting on the video crew. No flying to be in-person with the talent. No securing of expensive equipment to shoot or transfer footage. With our mobile app or our desktop solution, organizing a shoot and producing an HD/4K video remotely is as simple as scheduling a meeting. And if you need a hand on the remote set? Our dedicated video specialists are just a call, chat, or email away.

Streamlined Workflows
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“No need for a video production crew with lights, bounce boards, boom mics or lavs, etc. Everything that you would need for an extremely high-quality video is all wrapped up in an excellent web interface and mobile app.”
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Save time & money, while creating more videos remotely

With better content production workflows through OpenReel, businesses increase the velocity and volume of polished, onbrand, and engaging video. That allows you to meet your audience’s needs, while improving the customer and employee experience by opening up new possibilities for creativity, experimentation, and broader in-person and remote video use cases. At the same time, you’re directly impacting your revenue by ditching the expensive, time-consuming, and cumbersome ways of traditionally creating video. 

The best part? OpenReel saves creators 90% of costs compared to traditional production. Let our holistic remote video solution empower your team to create impactful videos for more projects. 

The smarter way to create quality video
The smarter way to create quality video
  • Professional controls & features

    Collaborate, launch a teleprompter, and control color balance, resolution, exposure, and frame rate on your Subject’s camera. 

  • Elevate mobile cameras

    Harness even more mobile camera capabilities than natively possible, while filming locally on the device.

  • Film consistent webcam resolution

    With capable webcam devices, remotely film in 4K and screen record at 1080p, 30 frames-per-second, and a bitrate over 8000KBPS. 

  • White-glove customer experience

    Work with dedicated video specialists to develop a personalized strategy for your goals, as well as receive live support via phone, chat, or email.

Start filming with OpenReel's Remote Video Capture™ solutions

Companies that use OpenReel save up to 90% on video production costs, equipping them to scale content creation initiatives around the world with ease. Let’s determine the best plan for your needs and empower your team to replicate the collaboration, direction, and communication of an in-person video shoot anytime, anywhere, regardless of skill level.

Stop sacrificing quality, spend, and speed. Start telling your stories more sustainably & efficiently with OpenReel.

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