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4K, HD Resolution and Video Quality

What's the Deal with Video Quality Anyway? Understanding 4K, HD & 1080p Resolutions

Confused by video resolution? We want to help you decipher the most common video resolution types and how they impact your video quality.
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Prepare Recording space for good audio

Quiet on the Set: Make Sure Your Video Has Great Audio

Quality audio recording is a vital part of your production that should not be overlooked. Here’s how to prep your recording space to capture great audio
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DSLR camera on tripod for video production

How and Why to Use a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera for Your Video Production

OpenReel was designed for enterprise shoots, which means Capture works with enterprise-quality cameras. That’s right: with the right equipment, DSLR and mirrorless cameras can be used for your next video production.
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how to shoot and film b-roll

How to Capture B-roll with OpenReel and What Types of B-roll You Need

We’re often asked about b-roll, and we understand the hesitancy: even seasoned producers can be stumped in planning b-roll to ensure a good movie becomes something truly great.
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