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Your Monthly Product Update Notes, December 2021

Just in time to help you end the year with a bang, Capture has received its biggest update since the 2.0 release. We’re sending you into 2022 with more recording capabilities, a stronger Directorial view, and faster everything.
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November Product Updates OpenReel

Your Monthly Product Update Notes, November 2021

A major new feature and a new app? November was a big one. Spoiler: December will be even bigger.
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Your Monthly Product Update Notes, October 2021

October was an exciting month for Capture with the introduction of three major updates impacting the Director's experience and controls within the Session.
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September 2021 Product Updates Thumbnail

Your Monthly Product Update Notes, September 2021

Since Capture 2.0's release in July, we’ve been working hard to continue improvements on our technology and ensure a seamless experience for both Directors and Subjects. These are the biggest product updates from September and earlier.
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