Finance Professionals Can Build Trust, Educate with Video

Financial services and video content may not initially seem like the most natural fit, but trust us: no matter what your goal is in the banking industry, there’s a way to achieve it through finance videos.

The finance industry is on the leading edge of innovation. In the past decade, there has been a fintech boom, ranging from apps that streamline money transfers, like Venmo and Cash App, to companies that are redefining data analysis and credit management. With so many fintech apps, products, and services in the mainstream, consumers are accepting — and, often, expecting — their financial advisors to leverage like-minded services.

Using video to market your financial services can help you reach new audiences, look at data and trends to gain important customer insights, and promote your brand. It’s a great new pathway to offer customer support, and video can even improve a customer’s experience by answering FAQs in an easy-to-follow way. Additionally, it’s an incredible way to humanize your business; by giving your financial services a face, you can develop connections with the prospects and clients who need to trust you with their money.

Every financial service institution & advisor should be making these four types of videos:


Videos for Financial Advisors

Humanize Finance

By utilizing OpenReel’s enterprise video solutions, finance professionals explain complex topics, humanize the financial services field, and foster relationships with customers.

Share Timely Information

Headline-grabbing global events, a new bill in Congress, an app outage: there are a myriad ways an individual’s anxiety — or lack thereof — towards their finances can change every single day. A major challenge for finance professionals is to stay ahead of news and keep their customers informed and worry-free. Video not only allows you to record and share messages quickly, but also empowers you to convey confidence through your tone and expressions.

Examples of videos in this category include:

  • Major changes in the economy
  • Service outages
  • Company updates
  • Product changes


Showcase How You Stand Out

When people have a huge range of options, differentiating yourself and making it clear what you specifically have to offer is key to success. Videos are a persuasive way to showcase concrete examples of how you can or actually have impacted someone’s finances. Whether told by yourself or a client, these videos give context and a personal touch to what could otherwise come off as a sales tactic.

These videos will help you stand out:

  • Testimonial videos from clients
  • Share proud moments, accolades you receive, or features in the news


Help Your Team Actually Want to Make Video

Making videos should be a team effort. Whether you want more tutorials for customers or a way to eliminate too many meetings, video content can make a difference. These five tips will help your team embrace video content creation.

Valuable Financial Industry Education

Is there something you wish all your customers knew? Something you wish all new investors understood how to do? A simple way to improve credit that would benefit your prospects? 

Videos educating your audience instantly add additional value to your services. By becoming a thought leader within your field, you will both develop trust with prospects and clients and empower your viewers to be more confident in handling and discussing money matters. Try your hand at the following:

  • Subject-matter expert interviews
  • Webinars, recorded lectures, video help guides that empower clients to use your financial services better


On-Demand Customer Service

Many aspects of banking and investment services are handled by consumers on their own. To stand out and gain personal banking clients, institutions should offer stellar customer experiences. On-demand videos allowing customers to navigate their money needs alone — or outside of banking hours — make the experience simple and efficient.

Record these customer service videos:

  • Onboarding to banking apps
  • Visual guide to the bank website
  • How-to guide for common digital banking needs
  • A company representative answering FAQs

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