5 Types of Videos to Help You Close a Deal

Closing a deal is no longer just about a successful face-to-face meeting or a phone call. Video is a powerful tool in the sales process, allowing you to showcase your product or service in a dynamic and engaging way. With the rise of remote work and virtual selling, videos have become a crucial element in the sales toolkit. But not all videos are created equal.

Videos to Help You Close a Deal

In this blog post, we will explore five different types of videos that can help you close a deal. Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or a new entrepreneur, these videos will give you the edge you need to close the deal and win over your prospects. So, let’s dive in and discover how to use video to boost your sales game.

1. Videos that Pose Questions

Videos that pose thought-provoking questions to the viewer can stimulate engagement and create a dialogue around a product or service. These videos are highly effective in sales deals because they encourage the viewer to think critically about their needs and how the product or service being offered can meet those needs. By provoking the viewer to consider how you can help them overcome a challenge or achieve a goal, the video helps to build rapport and establish credibility with the prospect.

These videos are typically short and to-the-point, featuring a series of questions that address common pain points or challenges that the viewer may be experiencing. The video may then go on to showcase how the product or service being offered can provide a solution to those challenges. The use of questions in these videos helps to create an emotional connection with the viewer, leading them to see the product or service as a viable solution to their problems.

An example of this style could include a video for a marketing automation software that poses questions such as “Are you struggling to manage your marketing campaigns across multiple channels?” or “Do you find it challenging to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts?” The video could then go on to demonstrate how the marketing automation software can help alleviate these pain points, leading the viewer to see the software as a valuable solution to their marketing challenges.

Another example could be a video for a financial planning service that poses questions such as “Are you concerned about your retirement savings?” or “Do you worry about how to save for your children’s education?” The video could then showcase how the financial planning service can help the viewer achieve their financial goals and provide a sense of security for their future.

Overall, these videos are an effective way to initially engage prospects or to help them evaluate your offerings, as the videos will demonstrate how a product or service can help them overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.


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2. Videos that Create a Sense of Urgency

Videos that create a sense of urgency typically focus on a specific deadline or a limited-time offer, creating a sense of urgency that encourages prospects to take action before they miss out.

These types of videos are highly effective in sales deals because they tap into the psychological principle of loss aversion, where people are more motivated by the fear of missing out on something than the potential to gain something.

These videos are particularly effective with opportunities who are in the Evaluation or Decision stage of your sales funnel. These prospects have expressed interest in your product or service but have not yet taken the next step in the sales process. By creating a sense of urgency, these videos create a fear of missing out and motivate prospects to take action.

For example, if you’re offering a limited-time discount, you can create a video highlighting the benefits of your product or service and explaining that the offer will expire soon. This will encourage prospects to act quickly to take advantage of the offer. Another way to use these videos is to embed them on your website or landing page to encourage visitors to take action. For example, if you’re promoting a webinar, you can create a video highlighting the key takeaways and explaining that registration is closing soon. This will create a sense of urgency and encourage visitors to sign up before it’s too late.

Here are some examples of videos that create a sense of urgency:

  • Limited-time offer videos: These videos promote a special offer or discount that is only available for a limited time, encouraging prospects to act quickly.
  • Deadline-focused videos: These videos highlight a specific deadline, such as the end of a sale or the last day to sign up for a course, creating a sense of urgency.
  • Event-based videos: These videos promote an upcoming event, such as a conference or webinar, and emphasize that registration is closing soon.
  • Limited-quantity videos: These videos promote a product or service that has limited availability, encouraging prospects to act quickly before it’s sold out.
  • Early-bird videos: These videos promote a discount or special offer for those who sign up early, creating a sense of urgency to act quickly and take advantage of the offer.


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3. Videos that Highlight the Features of Your Product

Videos that highlight the features of your product are a great way to showcase the functionality and benefits of your offering. These videos typically focus on demonstrating how your product works and its unique features.

Feature highlights are effective in sales deals because it allows prospects to see your product in action and better understand how it can benefit them. It also helps build trust and credibility by showing that your product is a real, tangible solution that can make a difference in their lives or business.

Feature-focused videos can be used in a variety of ways throughout the sales process. You can include them in email campaigns, on your website, or share them on social media channels. You can also use them in virtual sales presentations to showcase your product and provide a more engaging and interactive experience for your prospects.

4. Videos that Provide a Summary of Benefits

These videos typically focus on highlighting the key benefits that your offering provides to customers, such as increased efficiency, cost savings, or improved performance.

The style’s effectiveness lies in its ability to quickly communicate how your product or service can solve your prospects’ problems or pain points. By distilling complex information into a simple and visually appealing format, these videos help potential customers understand the value of your offering and why it is the best solution for their needs.

To create a video that provides a summary of benefits, start by identifying the key benefits that your product or service offers. Then, craft a script that clearly and concisely communicates these benefits in a way that is easy to understand. To make the video engaging, consider using animation, graphics, or other visual elements that reinforce the message and make it memorable. You may also consider including testimonials or customer success stories to show how others have benefited from your offering.


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5. Videos that Provide Solutions to All Possible Pain Points

These videos typically start by highlighting the various pain points that prospects within specific industries might be experiencing, followed by a demonstration of how your product or service can provide a solution to each one of those pain points.

These videos are effective because they help your prospects see the value of your product or service and how it can make a positive impact on their business. By showing that you understand their pain points and have a solution for each one of them, you build trust and credibility with your prospects. Additionally, these videos help your prospects envision how your product or service can improve their business, which can motivate them to make a purchase.

To create a video that provides solutions to all possible pain points, start by focusing on particular industries you serve and identifying the pain points that those prospects are likely to be experiencing. You can do this by talking to current clients within the industry, analyzing market trends, or conducting surveys. Once you have identified the pain points, create a storyboard that demonstrates how your product or service can solve each one of them. The video should be clear, concise, and easy to understand.

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